…I was just talking to a coworker about this issue the other day ­ he has two daughters ­ one is 15 and the other is a tween… and he’s been struggling with fighting off creeps and bullies trying to mess with his daughters…. it’s unbelievable!

Andrea C. (Atlanta, Ga)

Just watched film…wow!!! Really powerful!

Gina Setla, Parent of Three

Abby and I just watched your film, really well done.  We planned to watch half tonight and half tomorrow night, but it kept us in until the end! The message had more of an impact than expected in terms of realizing how easily something like this might happen and what the consequences could be.  Congratulations on such successful story-telling in support of a cause.  Considered starting a TED for movie shorts with a cause? 

Steve, Parent of Three

Very timely and important subject matter. Our kids have an incredible amount of power in their hands with phones and too much time to use them unchecked. I’m glad I never had to tread these murky waters as a kid.

Jenn S. (Atlanta)